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Ben and Heidi born at the LMVFM office - Ben (on the left) likes to play with Lilly. It's quite comical to watch them run over and under whatever gets in their way! Heidi on the other hand, sits in wait for them to go past her so she can attack Lilly! Heidi protects her brother Ben. This photo was taken with both sitting on their perch watching Lilly in the back yard.


We had lunch and a brief talk with the LWML at St Peter's Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Lunch was delicious and LMVFM appreciated the invitation to speak at your meeting



Stanley Tucker is having a hard time right now. This picture is Stanley and "mom" Leslie at the Specialist - Dr. Coolman's office. Stanley hurt his right front leg and is limping. After all the vet visits, medication and ultrasound, nothing serious was found. He can't run or play hard for at least another week to let his leg heal. We believe it was a strained muscle. He is a good boy, but is very protective at the office. We are working on people coming to the office without him barking.

"In Memory Of"

Goodbye Holly

We always need these items
Envelopes to offset the cost of our office expenses. Gift Cards, especially gas and general merchandise of any amount help offset our travel expenses and the needs of veterans.
Copy paper to offset the cost of  our office expenses Stamps to offset the cost of our office expenses



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