Lutheran military veterans & family ministries

Our Mission

LMVFM is a Christian non-profit (501c3) faith based ministry. We are dedicated to serving military veterans, military contractors and their families in need of care and assistance, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. We offer resources, assistance and training to congregations and other care providers to assist veterans, military contractors and their family members. In order to keep Christ at the center of this mission, LMVFM does not solicit or accept government funding.

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Honoring Those Who Served

Christmas is a time to enjoy another, yet in many ways a most special, change of the seasons. We leave behind the blossoms of spring, the warmth of summer, and the majestic colors of fall. We move into a time of the outdoors blanketed in white snow. Long, sunny days become shortened, darker days, and the temperature drops causing us to grab heavier blankets. However, the feeling of warmth escapes many of our veterans; not just the warmth from blankets, but also the warmth of family, friends and a sense of purpose in life. Many also feel separated from the warmth of the love of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

The annual “Christmas Ornament Adoption Appeal” at LMVFM is a great time to honor or memorialize your loved one who served our country while also paying it forward to a veteran currently in need. These men & women make extreme sacrifices so that we can live in a free country. The ministry of LMVFM was founded on the principle of sharing the love of Christ with those who have served. For sixteen years, we have helped them in their cold dark days to feel warmth once again.

Our brothers and sisters in arms are a very unique and special group of people and we must not not turn a blind eye to them and their invisible wounds of war just because they appear on the outside to be strong and independent. This season, you can help us reach out to a veteran, military contractor or their families to share the warmth of Christ. Please consider a donation of any amount between 1 November and 31 January, and we will post an ornament with your name – or the name of a veteran you wish to honor or remember – attached. Please also pray for our soldiers, our veterans, our country and the ministry of LMVFM. Thank you for your generous support!

  • Grant Schoon
    Wonderful people, Great organization - they have very worthwhile programs, check them out!
    Grant Schoon
  • Patty Hunter
    Chaplain Haines helps the families of the Lutherans Military Vets.
    Patty Hunter
  • Jan Kelly Bell
    Dedicated souls committed to helping veterans and their families in any way possible. God bless you and the work you are doing for me and others.
    Jan Kelly Bell
  • Edmund Blackadder
    A true boots on the ground ministry!!!!!
    Edmund Blackadder
  • "GALS" of Mt. Zion Lutheran
    Thank you for all you do. It is very much noticed and appreciated.
    "GALS" of Mt. Zion Lutheran
  • Esther Circle Advent Lutheran
    Thank you for all you do for the Lutheran Vets and families.
    Esther Circle Advent Lutheran
  • Bonnie D
    "You have been a Godsend to us"
    Bonnie D
  • Susan H
    Your [Bible Study] teaching is organized, calming and kind.
    Susan H
  • May God bless all of you for your work. Keeping you in thought and prayer. - Joyce L.