Paws and Effect Program

In 2011, LMVFM began it’s Paws and Effect Program Ministry Program, with “Sgt Holly Marie” as its’ first Thereby Dog. LMVFM is blessed to have on our team “Stanley Tucker” a Golden Retriever and “Patrick Dooly” a British Cream retriever who serve as comfort dogs who work especially well with our traumatized military folks.

Therapy Dogs Help Veterans In So Many Ways

The unconditional love and comfort that only a dog can provide is instrumental in a veteran’s roads to recovery. Therapy dogs assist veterans with day to day activities like picking objects up from the floor and opening up doors.

Therapy dogs can help heal the mental and physical injuries that these soldiers have to deal with, and provide them with smiles and companionship throughout their treatment. Across the country, more and more veterans are finding companionship, healing, and hope through these specially trained service dogs.

Many of the therapy dogs are trained specifically to help with psychological/emotional struggles that go along with PTSD. The dogs provide comfort during periods of stress and can even detect when a panic attack is happening, and help stop it. Other therapy dogs are trained to help wounded veterans’ physical needs, including mobility, support, and daily tasks.

Learn more about these special dogs and the soldiers they support.